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In one night, Berlin experience stabbing involving six Syrians in one location, and two Turks and two Arabs in another.

Tages Spiegel (translated):

According to police, there had previously been disputes in both cases, in both cases were involved brothers. In the Hermannplatz subway station, six Syrians came together with a knife, in Schöneberg two Turkish-born and two Arab-born Berliners.

In detail, the police described the conflicts as follows:

Schöneberg: According to testimonies, shortly before 1 o’clock two brothers at the age of 23 years got into a row with another 23-year-old in the Dominicusstraße. Here, the individual should have made several stitch movements in the direction of the twins with a knife, which thereby suffered cuts to the hands. However, the twin brothers should be able to beat the attacker’s knife out of hand. One of the brothers picked it up and should now have stung in his direction in the direction of the former attacker. This suffered an injury to the stomach. Shortly thereafter, three other men appeared at the age of 30 to 54 years and helped the single 23-year-olds. The 30-year-old should also have had a knife in his hand. The brothers then fled to a nearby shop, in which the four pursuers are said to have violently tried to penetrate. They are said to have severely damaged the front door and sprayed irritant gas into the interior of the shop. Alerted policemen arrested all involved. While the single 23-year-old was taken to hospital for in-patient treatment with abdominal injuries, the brothers were treated on-site as outpatients. After the outpatient treatment, they were taken to a detention center and transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department 4, as were the 30, 51 and 54-year-old men rushed to the hospital.


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