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Police academy cadets in Berlin of Arab and Turkish background are notably corrupt, threatening native German cadets, and “dealing with drugs and selling hot goods from burglaries on the premises of the academy”.

At the end of the article is some more background:

* (a hint to the political objective to increase migrants in the German police force. The percentage of migrant trainees at this particular academy is 36% – translator)

Translator’s note:
We are reminded of this photo which surfaced in April 2016, and which we already published back then: Someone in the uniform of the police Berlin, wearing a so-called “Ring of the Ottomans”, and making a salute of the “Grey Wolves”, Turkish fascists.

Vlad Tepes Blog Source

Vlad Tepes Blog:

An original translation from Die Welt:

Hate, Noncompliance, Violence:
Stir about an audio recording regarding conditions at police academy
By Michael Behrendt, November 1, 2017

An anonymous voice recording is causing a stir at the police Berlin.

Allegedly, there is hate and violence in a class taken by many migrants in this Berlin police school. The man who made the recording is, in his own account, an instructor at the academy.

In the police Berlin, an audio file is causing a stir. In it, an instructor is complaining about insupportable conditions at the police academy Berlin in the district of Spandau. Die Welt have obtained the recording.


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