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They cannot stop acid attacks, terrorism or years of gang rapes of English girls by Pakistani men but the UK’s police have finally found their calling.
Earlier this month, it was reported that between 2016 and 2017 there was the largest ever rise in reported “hate crimes”, yet the number of prosecutions actually fell.

The massive rise in reports but fall in prosecutions, recorded in the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Hate Crime Annual Report, could suggest some of the additional reports are less credible, meaning they do not make it to court.

Authorities are continuing their drive to encourage ever more “hate crime” reporting and prosecutions, announcing a national police unit dedicated to catching internet ‘trolls’ and a London police initiative in mosques just this month.


Official guidelines insist a hate crime must be driven by “hostility”, but when contacted, many UK forces are unable to give a definition of what they mean by “hostility” in the context of hate crimes.

Breitbart London contacted dozens of forces to ask for their working definition of “hostility” and was referred on to the “dictionary definition” which includes “unfriendliness” and “dislike”.

Others referred Breitbart London to national bodies, including the College of Policing (CoP) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), which both admit there is an “absence of a precise legal definition of hostility”, with the latter also referring individual forces onto “dictionary definitions” for the purpose of investigating hate crimes.


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