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Given the country built by their ancestors is being flooded by often violent, non-white Third World immigrants who play the identity politics game, is it any surprise that white Canadians are self-identifying as white Canadians?


Canadians tend to cherish the idea that we’re not at all like Americans, particularly in matters of race and identity. We like to think we’re more open and welcoming, more content with the idea of living in a multicultural, immigrant-friendly society, and that we’re just, you know, nicer.

The results of a just-concluded opinion survey obtained by Maclean’s seem to confirm that it’s all quite true, that we are not at all like the fractious and irritable Americans. We may even be far more different from them than we thought. Although Canada is more homogeneously “white” than the United States, Canadians are only half as likely to identify as “white.”

But against the backdrop of a broad Euro-American cultural retreat into “identity politics,” Donald Trump’s increasingly race-fixated America and the spectacle of thousands of migrants showing up at random locations along the Canada-U.S. border all summer, that seems to be changing.


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