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42-year-old Mohammed Alì Tahiru from Ghana did a brisk business selling US, Spanish and Italian passports and other documents in front of a mosque in Naples.

Corriere Della Sera:

Passports, identity cards, licenses and residence permits, scattered throughout the room and hidden in the mattress. And all around stamps and printers. Hanging on the wall hundreds of photos. A municipal police blitz in Naples unveiled a 7500 precision factory for false document production: there was a Ghanaian citizen, Mohammed Alì Tahiru, arrested while leaving home with thirty documents to be delivered. The clandestine print shop was in a hammock on the last floor of vico Fundaco Vicaria Vecchia, a building in the area of ​​Piazza Garibaldi, not far from the mosque in via Torino. And it is right in front of the place of prayer, as rebuilt by the investigators, that the agreements with those who wanted to buy were tightened. All the material seized is the screening of the counter-terrorism section of the Parthenopean Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The “customers” met outside the mosque

Inside the printing house were also found stamps of Caserta, Rome and Bologna, and 3,000 euros in cash. Among the fake documents seized also one hundred blank identity cards stolen in the municipality of Portici and twenty in the commune of Naples. Attach to the wall more than three hundred photos are presumably of customers waiting to receive the commissioned document. Several documents referable to the same person but with different identities. Mohammed Alì Tahiru – investigators asserted – picked up requests in the morning outside the mosque of via Torino guaranteeing the delivery of documents in the afternoon. For investigators, the arrested man reported to earn 20 euros per piece. At the time of the arrest, the Ghanaian had resisted trying to discard documents. In the mattress, the arrested man hid passports from USA, Spain and Italy. In a corner of the apartment of the latest generation of laser printers and three computers.


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Naples, Italy

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