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Danièle Obono is a Gabon-born French legislator. In defending her, an African writes in Le Monde:
White France, Christian, at the risk of terrorizing certain small minds, is finished. Completed.

Le Monde:

The extreme right-wing French weekly Minute has put a photo of the insubordinate member Danièle Obono to her “one” with the shocking title “But let her shut up , damn it! “. This is the last act of a cowardly and nauseating campaign of denigration and insults conducted for several months against the 37-year-old MP.

Danièle Obono was born in Gabon and lived there until pre-adolescence before joining France, country of which she acquired the nationality in 2011. During the last legislative, she became deputy of the movement La France insoumise. Since that election, which has propelled her to the forefront of the national political scene, she is facing racist attacks every day.

First, it was in the studio of the show “Les Grandes Gueules” on the airwaves of RMC that she was summoned to prove her attachment to her adopted country by proclaiming a “Vive la France! “. The prosecutors were offended that, in 2012, they signed with a number of French personalities (including Eva Joly , Noël Mamère, Clémentine Autain) whom no one had thought to worry about , a petition to defend the liberty of ” an expression published in Les Inrockuptibles about a rap song entitled “Nique la France” . Months later, it is his scarf knotted in the “African style” which was considered scandalous and dishonorable for the French Parliament. I elude Manuel Valls’s sordid accusations of links with political Islamism and of acquaintances with anti-Semitic currents and the hodgepodge of nonsense aimed at discrediting it .


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