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Shouldn’t the members of the police Misconduct Special Case Hearing board be dismissed because they are conflating moderate Muslims and terrorists or at least think that moderate Muslims are concerned for the well-being of terrorists?


A policeman has been fired from the Cumbria force for gross misconduct after making a Facebook comment that was judged as likely to cause offence to Muslims.

Ross Lister, a serving PC in Barrow-in-Furness for three years, was dismissed following a Misconduct Special Case Hearing at Cumbria Constabulary headquarters, the North-West Evening Mail reported Tuesday.

Speaking at the hearing, Chief Constable Jerry Graham said: “The conduct admitted by PC Lister today … refers to a Facebook post that he wrote that he either knew or should have known, or at least reasonably have foreseen, would have caused offence and be considered derogatory to members of the Muslim faith and by people of other faiths and none.


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