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Drunk Eritrean migrant runs down Swiss pensioner. His Eritrean passenger accuses a witness of racism for accurately describing what happened. The witness “was supposed to lie for the Eritrean”.


Sunday morning in the tranquil Kradolf TG. The local Michal Stüssy (60) walks along the main road along with the bitch Ayona (3). In the past, she observes how a pensioner (90) crosses the pedestrian crossing. Suddenly a red Fiat shoots – and thundering into the man! “He first flew his head through the windshield and was then grasped frontally with the whole body,” Stüssy describes the bad accident.
Passenger terrorizes the helper

At the wheel sits an Eritreer (23) – with about 1.6 per thousand in the blood. While the handlebars try to help the severely injured victim in shock, his passenger turns around at the accident site. Although the pensioner still breathes, he wants to revive him! “I told him to let this happen, and tried to get the man to his side, but he did not want to.” More helpers finally removed the troublemaker.

The Rega brings the victim to the hospital with the most serious injuries. But the nightmare continues: when the police arrives, the co-driver raises racism. And places the accusation that the lawyers were called only because they were foreigners.


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Kradolf, Thurgau, Switzerland

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