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The article gives a timeline on attacks on rehab centers from 2008 onward.


The recent attack at a drug rehab center in the border state of Chihuahua brings back a long-standing practice used by cartel gunmen dating back years. Getting to their rivals when their guards are down, gunmen often target drug centers and clinics which often leads to multiple innocent casualties.

Last month, a squad of cartel gunmen wearing tactical gear stormed into a drug rehab center called “Grupo Uniendo Familias: Clinica Para Vivir Mejor” and began spraying bullets, Breitbart Texas reported. The attack initially killed 16, however two others died soon after.

State authorities named the Juarez Cartel enforcement wing, Los Aztecas, responsible for the job. The mass murder is believed to be part of the ongoing turf war between factions of the Sinaloa and Juarez Cartels.


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Chihuahua City, Chihuahua is in the middle of the map below.

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Chihuahua City, Chihuahua, Mexico

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