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Originally reported by a female student, it was rapidly denounced by the president of Michigan State University, Lou Anna Simon:
a statement denouncing nooses and describing the shoelace hanging on a dorm door in Holden Hall as “a racial incident.”

“A student reported a noose was hung outside of her room,” Simon’s statement said. “I want to recognize the courage it took for the student to report this incident.”

This laughable incident does not even rise to the level of a hate hoax.

Daily Caller:

Officials at Michigan State University investigated and released strongly worded statements earlier this week because a female student claimed to find a noose on the handle of a stairwell door in a residence hall.

Turns out, the alleged “noose” was just a stray shoelace.

The first report of the packaged leather shoelace someone decided was a noose occurred on Wednesday morning, reports the Lansing State Journal.


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