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A teacher spoke to a burka-wearer that the burka is banned. After dozens of Muslim men showed up the burka-wearer attacked the teacher while the men “made fun of the Viennese”. 10 police were needed to protect the Austrian teacher.

oe24 (translated):

Not even a week is the Burka ban in force, already there was the first major incident. In Vienna-Mariahilf a fully veiled Muslim woman attacked a teacher. Ten policemen finally had to intervene to protect the Austrian.

The Mariahilferstraße on Wednesday afternoon: At about 3 pm, the teacher (name of the editor known) noticed a Burkaträgerin in the area of ​​the U3 station Zieglergasse. She speaks to her and tells her that the full veil has been banned since October 1: “I do not care, I love Islam,” she answers the black-haired passantress.

“Within a very short time dozens of young men were standing, clearly Muslims. They solidified themselves with the Burkaträgerin, scolded me as a racist, “the teacher describes. On the stairs to the Zieglergasse station, the burkwoman finally went to the pedagogue, pushed her with both hands, and said she did not have to stick to the law. The young men made fun of the Viennese. A moment later, policemen came in and shielded the locals from the crowd.


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