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Last year, Israel’s police chief said it is natural to suspect Ethiopians of crime. In this case an Ethiopian man was tased when police responded to a report of two suspects attempting to break into a building.

Jerusalem Post:

Over three-and-a-half years after Ethiopian-Israeli Yosef Salamsa died under mysterious circumstances following physical abuse at the hands of police, the attorney-general rejected his family’s fifth appeal to indict the two officers responsible.

On the night of March 1, 2014, without warning, police beat and tased Salamsa, 22, arrested him, and left him shackled on the ground outside the Zichron Ya’acov police station, south of Haifa.

According to a police report, a call was received about two suspects, one armed with a knife, attempting to break into a building in Binyamina. Salamsa, who had been recently discharged from the IDF, was tased by one of the responding officers a short time later.


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