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Photos of the looters and rioters in this and other article show them to be black teens and men.

Daily Mail:

Escaped prisoners and hundreds of looters armed with guns and knives are terrorising hurricane-hit islands amid anarchy in the Caribbean, it has emerged.

Britain and France have both sent extra police resources and the Netherlands have dispatched troops to the region amid reports of lawlessness in the wake of the devastating 185mph storm.

Terrified tourists on the Dutch-French island of St Martin have described cowering in their hotel rooms amid reports up to 600 looters are running riot. One soldier posted on the island said he was ‘stopping a looter every 10 minutes’.


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St Martin is in the middle of the map below.

29.3° N
85.6° W
40.6° W
6.8° N


St Martin, France

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At the same rate of change, in five years' time its population will increase by 1.7 million.