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A sizeable part of the immigration into the EU is from the Albanian/Muslim-dominated Balkans such as Kosovo and Albania. People from those areas have a much higher involvement in crime than people from other parts of Europe.

Krone (translated):

The police inspectorate of the Weisskirchen police station in the Murtal region of Upper-Mornal had been conducting extensive investigations into the 79- Old woman from Kosovo and her two sons, 41 and 52 years old. As it turned out, the woman had only been entitled to stay in Austria because of the fact that her two children had guaranteed their mother’s living expenses by means of a declaration of liability.

Home stay not reported

Nevertheless, in 2011 the woman submitted a request for demand-oriented minimum security. In addition, the woman was reported to be in an apartment in Zeltweg, where she was not staying. The 79- Olds have also cashed home aid. The two sons, who are allowed to have dual citizenship according to the police, also received unemployment benefits and sick pay, not reporting their home stays in Kosovo.


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Murtal, Styria is in the middle of the map below.

58.4° N
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Murtal, Styria, Austria

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