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Mohamed Youssef T – he calls himself “King Abode” – is a 21-year-old refugee from North Africa. He has been subject of 24 criminal investigations since he got to Germany in 2015. For instance, he is cited as having “played a key role in the recent riots at the Bautzener Kornmarkt”.


The desperate man threatened to hurt himself or jump from the roof. The negotiating specialists of the National Criminal Police Office finally managed to get him to leave the roof. As he approached the policemen and did not drop his knife in his hand, the officers straightened him with an electric shock.

24 investigations in two years

The 21-year-old from the refugee home in Bautzen was no stranger. It was “King Abode”, as he calls himself. He is now a city-known man who always makes trouble. 24 investigations have been instigated against him in the past two years, and the police therefore consider him as an intensive criminal.
Not even two weeks is the last incident with “King Abode” back. He obviously played a key role in the recent riots at the Bautzener Kornmarkt . There, the long-smoldering conflict between locals and young refugees was again inflamed at the end of July. Right-wing extremists also interfered. The police had been working for several hours to separate their counterparts. “King Abode” was arrested during the operation.


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Bautzen, Saxony, Germany

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