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Law-abiding people are turning them in to avoid a fine of up to A$280,000 (US$200,000). Non-law-abiding people are keeping their firearms. If anything the amnesty will make this sort of criminal activity worse:
The amnesty comes at a time of violence in north Melbourne, where two shootings this week have alarmed residents and led to speculation about a possible rise in gang violence. On Wednesday, a 21-year-old was fatally shot outside a home in Roxburgh Park. And in the early hours Friday, two teenagers were wounded by gunfire in what the police believed was a clash between gang factions.
The NY Times links to a report by Australia’s left-wing public broadcasting the ABC: Teens shot as ‘Middle Eastern factions’ fight in Roxburgh Park. Middle Eastern is Australian-media speak for Middle Eastern Muslim.

New York Times:

SYDNEY, Australia — The first numbers for the National Gun Amnesty are in, and more than 12,500 unregistered firearms have been surrendered since it started last month, Michael Keenan, the minister for justice, announced on Thursday.

The amnesty, which is running from July 1 until Sept. 30, allows people to hand unwanted or unregistered firearms over to the police and to licensed firearm dealers without fear of prosecution. Ordinarily, the possession of an unregistered firearm can bring a fine of up to 280,000 Australian dollars ($220,000) or 14 years in jail.

Are potential criminals lining up to hand in their guns? Maybe not, said Philip Alpers, an associate professor at the University of Sydney and gun policy specialist. While he called the amnesty “a real success,” he described many of the weapons being handed in as “rubbish guns.” “I would suspect the great majority of guns that have been surrendered are long guns, which have very little value to their owners and even less value to criminals.”


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