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India is in a dispute with a second nuclear power, China, in the disputed area near Bhutan.

News 18:

New Delhi: Villagers are moving out from a place close to Doklam, though officials in both the government and the Army denied there is any evacuation.

According to sources, a few hundred villagers living in Nathang village have been asked to vacate their houses immediately. Nathang is 35 km from the site of the two-month old standoff between Indian and Chinese troops.

It was not immediately clear if an order has been issued to accommodate thousands of soldiers of the 33 Corp, who are reportedly moving from Sukna towards Doklam, or whether it was a precautionary measure to avoid civilian casualties in case of a skirmish.


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Nathang, Sikkim is in the middle of the map below.

38.6° N
66.3° E
111.3° E
16.1° N


Nathang, Sikkim, India

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