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The article features a photo captioned “A boat full of migrants lands at a popular tourist beach in southern Spain.” Although the migrants are Africans rather than Indians, the beach landing has parallels with Jean Raspail’s 1973 dystopian novel Le Camp des Saints (The Camp of the Saints).


Spain may overtake Greece this year in numbers of migrants arriving clandestinely by sea, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) says.

So far in 2017, 8,385 people have reached the country by sea, more than triple the number seen at the same time in 2016. Greece has had 11,713 people.

The shift may be because migrants are finding the Spanish route safer.


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Tarifa, Andalusia, Spain

Spain (ES) is estimated to have a population of 46.8 million with a growth rate during 2010-2015 of -0.2% pa.
At the same rate of change, in five years' time its population will decrease by 0.5 million.