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This article is a long-form profile of prolific, mainly female, pro-Trump tweeters.
Many dismissed their staggering output as inflated by automated “bot” accounts run by expert computer programmers, whether foreign agents or domestic trolls. But that may be an exaggerated theory: So many months after the election, tens of thousands of tweets per day continue to emanate from a very human, grass-roots organization.


After the full repeal of Obamacare stalled in the Senate last month, one of the sharpest and most-shared online rebukes of the Republican turncoats came from one unassuming woman who loves dogs, Texas and Donald Trump.

“THESE 3 GOP Senators Just KILLED #RepealFirst Replace Later,” wrote @ChristieC733, tagging the senators who stalled the push as well as the official accounts of the Republican National Committee and the Senate Republicans. Her tweet was shared hundreds of times within an hour, eclipsing many of the more famous pundits inside the Beltway.

Given her 238,000 followers—100,000 more than Dan Scavino, Trump’s social media director, and more than three times as many as famed white nationalist Richard Spencer—you might guess Christie is a prominent activist. But besides listing her membership in the National Rifle Association and ownership of a small business, Christie’s profile offers little information about her offline life or any explanation for her impressive following.


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