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Not just exhibitionists. Both men masturbated in front of women and children. One may in definitely a Third World migrant (described as “southern-looking”, a German euphemism for African, Middle Eastern or South Asian) and the other we are told was “about 1.70 meters tall and has short, black hair”. Given the crime and the location, it is likely both are “southern-looking”.

Stuttgarter Nachrichten:

The police in Stuttgart are looking for clues to two exhibitionists who have driven on Friday, one in Sillenbuch, the other in Untertürkheim.

Stuttgart – Two men have banned themselves independently on Friday against children and women. The police are now looking for the two perpetrators.

On the evening of Friday, around 6:20 pm, one man was banned from two women at the Inselbad in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim . The perpetrator, who at that time was dressed only with an underpants and beige summer shoes, joined the two 26- and 30-year-old women who were on a park bench.


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Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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