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Liberals claim Muslims didn’t celebrate the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US but when an in depth investigation is done of an Islamist, it appears he celebrate the attacks. There are tens to hundreds of thousands of Islamists in North America based on:

– population of 3 million
– 8% of them saying suicide bombings and other violence against civilians was sometimes or often justified.

Basic human psychology would suggest the 8% is likely to be an understatement.

National Post:

DETROIT — A Tunisian-born man who lives in Canada and stabbed a police officer at a Michigan airport subscribes to Osama Bin Laden’s ideology and celebrated the 9/11 attacks, federal prosecutors said in a court filing.

In an interview after his June arrest in Flint, Amor Ftouhi also told federal agents that he praised Bin Laden for organizing the 2001 attacks on the United States which he “considers an enemy of Allah,” according to the documents.

Ftouhi, 49, of Montreal, has been indicted on charges of committing an act of violence at an international airport and interfering with airport security in the June 21 attack at Flint’s Bishop International Airport, about 50 miles (80.46 kilometres) northwest of Detroit.


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Detroit, Michigan, United States

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