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Google is clearly a hostile work environment for those who oppose the politically correct orthodoxy. It is no wonder then that its YouTube channel is cracking down on content creators who also oppose the politically correct orthodoxy.

Vox Day:

An anonymous Googler is providing evidence at Gab that various employees at Google are openly attacking James Damore, the author of the document dissenting from the SJW diversity doctrine there, and actively lobbying the executives to fire him, despite the fact that more than one-third of Googlers surveyed tend to agree with his dissent.

Paul and Sitaram are managers. Colm is a director with 101 full-time employees in his organization. Dave is a director with 242 full-time employees in his organization. These posts are from the internal version of the Google+ social network, which is limited to Googlers only.

Dozens of managers emailed their teams to smear the document’s author for raising his concerns in the paper. Subsequently, the author received all manner of hate mail and threats from thousands of other employees. It was a coordinated mob attack and numerous managers were deliberately stoking the flames in order to punish him.

The pie charts show that a large share of Googlers agreed with James’ points on an anonymous survey. Hence the grave importance of maintaining control over the Narrative.


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