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An alleged murder-robbery where nothing was stolen, the victim a Bernie supporter working at the corrupt anti-Bernie DNC, 44,000 DNC emails published by Wikileaks days after the victim was killed, police changing their story on the crime: a real-life political thriller/murder mystery. Even more important is that the Democrats/media blamed the DNC corruption on Russian hacking – a key pillar of their Trump/Russia collusion crime fake news.

Gateway Pundit:

According to Public Incident Report CCN #16113797 dated July 10, 2016 by the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, former DNC employee and the leaker of emails to WikiLeaks, Seth Rich was alive when the police found him on that date. He died later that morning. The report also notes that Rich was conscious and breathing with gunshot wounds to his back when the police found him. The report also notes that at least three of the police at the scene wore body cameras that night.

The video from the body cameras has gone missing.

#SethRich was alive/awake when cops found him, died at hospital. Cops wore body cameras.
What did he say to cops/what did body cams capture? pic.twitter.com/johEDplTdG

— /pol/ News Forever (@polNewsForever) May 16, 2017

Below is a picture of the police report noted above.


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