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Sweden crime immigration


The man who raped a mentally handicapped woman is reported as being named Asadullah from Afghanistan. Because he claims to be 17 years old he receives only “150 hours of youth service and expulsion until 4 May 2024, when he is welcome back to Sweden”.

Fria Tider:

Single Asadullah raped this summer a mentally handicapped woman outdoors in Överkalix. The woman, who is at the child’s mental level, interpreted the rape as having a “boyfriend” and was “congratulated” first of this by the nurse who examined her. The Afghans claim that he is 17 years old and therefore comes away with 150 hours of youth service.

The rape took place on August 19, 2016 on a footpath at Bulandsgatan in Överkalix. In interrogation with the police, the mentally disabled woman, who since childhood resides in a group residence, told her that she met a foreign man while she was leaving alone to go home to her mother.

As she reached the lake and sat down on a bench, the rapist arrived and talked to her. After kidding her, he began to “make sex with her,” said the woman. She told her that she was on the ladder while taking off her pants and trousers. Then he penetrated her “down there,” she explained, pointing to her abdomen.


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