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Backdoors increase the number of possible day zero exploitables that can be used for cyberattacks such as those over the last week. That particular attack was believed to be based on a leaked or hacked NSA cyber tool.

USA Today:

SAN FRANCISCO — Privacy experts are calling the global ransomware attack that hit 150 countries a prime example of why requiring tech companies to create backdoors into computer programs is a bad idea, because of the danger those digital keys might be stolen.

“This is a fine example of the difficulty of keeping secrets,” said Cooper Quintin, a staff technologist with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital liberties non-profit based in San Francisco.

The WannaCry ransomware attack hit on Friday and was relatively quickly contained, but not before it infected at least 200,000 computers. The software used a flaw in the code for the Windows operating system that Microsoft and others said was stolen from the National Security Agency or a group believed to be affiliated with it, where it is thought to constitute part of a U.S. cyber-attack arsenal.


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