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Netherlands immigration war


Why do the Dutch allow a man who had previously been jailed for two years on terrorism charges to be working at an air force base?

De Telegraaf:

A convicted terrorist was arrested last week at Volkel airport. That reports RTL News. The man is a follower of terrorist group IS. He was working on the air base when he was arrested on Wednesday. Friday the 19-year-old man was released again.

The man collapsed when he was taking pictures on the Brabant airport. Then he was immediately arrested by the mare bishop because he had a criminal record. The Public Prosecutor and Defense have confirmed this to RTL News.

‘Advocate of IS’

In September 2015, the man was held at the Turkish Syrian border. According to the judge, he wanted to join a terrorist organization. Before that he received two years of cell. The judge described the man as “advocate of IS.”


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Volkel Air Base is in the middle of the map below.

62.9° N
16.8° W
28.2° E
40.4° N


Volkel Air Base, Netherlands

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