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Mara Salvatrucha 13 is one of the most violent gangs in the Americas. It is allied with the Sinaloa Cartel among other Mexican drug cartels.

ABC News:

After a three-year investigation by federal, state and local law enforcement authorities, 21 alleged members and associates of Mara Salvatrucha, commonly called MS-13, were taken into custody Wednesday by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Task Force on Violent Gangs (LAMTFVG), law enforcement officials announced in a news conference.

The 21 arrested individuals are among 44 alleged MS-13 gang members who face federal charges, including the former head of the entire gang in Los Angeles and 12 senior leaders of the gang. Of the 44 facing charges, 20 were already in custody and three are considered to be fugitives.

Law enforcement officials say the dozen high-ranking gang members had formed a de facto leadership council for the gang because no one person was willing to take on the top role in the wake of ongoing scrutiny by law enforcement.


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