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Lois Lerner, a former IRS employee, is a key figure in the targeting by the tax authority of conservative groups during the Obama administration. She resigned in 2013 and was declared in contempt of Congress the following year.


For years, Lois Lerner used the IRS as the Democrats personal cudgel against Tea Party groups. Honest citizens were harassed, bullied, audited, denied approval for tax-exempt organizations, and generally tormented.

So, Lois Lerner wants to keep her testimony and the truth under lock and key in the Tea Party case. Didn’t know there was a Tea Party case? That’s because the whole trial is sealed. And now, Lerner is afraid her life might be in danger if the truth comes out.


From Cincinnati:

Attorneys for the tea party groups suing the IRS say the argument against full disclosure doesn’t hold up. They asked the court Wednesday to make the IRS officials’ testimony public and to also open a May 19 hearing to the public.


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