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United States immigration infowar


This article analogizes the citizen’s share in his country with a stockholder’s ownership share in a company. Porter’s conceptual model suggests an approach to quantifying the financial impact on citizens of immigration diluting their share of the country.

Kakistocracy reports:

Citizenship is one of Western society’s most poorly conceived concepts. That’s by design. For this broad misconception is largely due to the concerted efforts of state, media, and big business actors, who all have interests in perpetuating it. Though for sake of clarity to an audience not in need of it: a nation-state is not a prerogative of The Immigrant People, a diversity metric, or a market segment. Citizenship is an ownership share in a country.

Citizenship holds value based on that country’s social amenities (e.g., safety, stability, efficiency, cleanliness, opportunities, and entertainment), as well as its solvency, continuity, and military capacity to thwart hostile intents. Citizenship is a unit of wealth that varies as much in value among countries as shares do among companies. One share of Berkshire Hathaway is worth far more than one share of Twitter in the same way and for much the same reasons as citizenship in America is worth more than citizenship in Honduras.

And though their companies offer widely varying share prices one thing you will notice in common between Warren Buffet and Jack Dorsey is that neither give away stock in their company to millions of itinerant mexicans and muslims. Do you know why that is so? Because they understand the value of their franchise–such as it is in Dorsey’s case–and are keen to keep it undiluted.


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