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WHAT: Two Williams College students who poured a red blood-like paint down a main stairwell and wrote “AMKKK KILL” on the stairwell’s walls have admitted to the crime. The students were identified after an investigation by campus police.

SO WHAT: If the students were not identified, this would likely have been classified as another Trump-inspired hate crime by the media and liberal activists.

NOW WHAT: One of the comments on the article states “This is yet another cover-up of criminals to protect the guilty (just like 2011, 2012, …). The students responsible should be expelled.” This suggests the vandalism is the latest in a series of similar incidents. If not punished, they will continue.

The Williams Record reports:

On Saturday morning, two students vandalized Griffin Hall to bring attention to the potential impact of the presidential election on campus.

The students poured a red wood-stain substance resembling blood down the main stairwell of Griffin Hall and wrote “AMKKK KILL” in the stairwell. In addition, the perpetrators splattered the stain substance around the lobby outside of Griffin 3.


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